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What benefits have you seen from outsourcing your recruitment for this project?

"Saving time has been the biggest benefit for me.  Although I have overall responsibility for recruitment and have been involved in the hiring of new positions I have outsourced all of the day-to-day responsibility of sourcing candidates, communicating with candidates, short-listing for interview and continual candidate engagement.  The engagement with candidates is a hugely important aspect of recruitment but it is time consuming and I would not have been able to have done anything else within my role if we had not outsourced the recruitment programme."

Why would you encourage other companies to consider RPO?

"Essentially for the time saving opportunity.  Recruitment is extremely time consuming and requires a lot of reactive activity.  Being able to get on with the other aspects of my role whilst I know that the recruitment is being taken care of on a day-to-day basis has been essential for my productivity.  I am an HR Business Partner with responsibility for the full HR spectrum, I love direct recruitment but you can’t do it effectively as a ‘side-hustle’ particularly if there are a number of positions to fill."

What has your experience with Gleeson Futures been like?

"Very positive.  I have worked with Gleeson as a candidate myself and I think that gives you an important insight into how they operate and work with candidates from that perspective.  I have always found Gleeson to be extremely efficient and supportive as a candidate.  I have also worked with Gleeson in relation to ad hoc recruitment projects across different specialities and found them to be extremely dependable and delivery focused.  They take the time to build relationships with us as a business and make sure they get a full understanding of the roles they are recruiting for and the culture within our business.  They took time to meet our teams and get a deeper knowledge of how we work as a business.  They are reliable in relation to keeping us updated on delivery status for each role and are always available to speak to if we have any questions and are agile in making time to meet with any of the hiring managers whenever needed.  Trust was always fundamental for me in relation to choosing a recruitment partner and I always have 100% confidence that I am not being told what they think I want to hear."

What are your top tips for other companies when considering an RPO provider?

"The best approach for me is to try out your provider before you sign-up to an RPO.  The financials and getting the right terms are obviously fundamental but there is not likely to be a huge amount of difference between each tender in relation to the terms offered.  Being compatible in ways of working is key; working with a Company with similar values to your own is important.  We are an SME organisation and working with large recruiters would not have been compatible for us in my view.  Working with recruiters who understand the challenges you face within an SME organisation has been beneficial.  Also important is to work with a provider who has knowledge of the geography and the talent available within our region.  Nationwide based partners would not have had the same level of data intelligence of talent within our region."

                                                                                                    - Alison Garvey, HR Business Partner    


E2Open had been a client of Gleeson Recruitment Group since 2016. The company had experienced rapid growth, year on year, and required additional resources to manage their recruitment process going into 2019. The initial proposal outlined a three month RPO solution, however, E2Open have recently extended their contract until further notice.

Ensuring that all stakeholders acknowledged the Account Manager as an extension of their own team was crucial to the implementation of the RPO service. In order to achieve this, the new process was introduced to the business early on and communicated/reiterated by hiring managers through one-to-one meetings.

Gleeson managed the end to end recruitment process for E2Open, from creating the job specification to managing the on-boarding process for each employee. An RPO Expert was the sole point of contact for E2Open, but they had the wider support of Gleeson Recruitment Group when required.

“I worked with Gleeson Futures during the transition into my current role as a Program Director at E2open. [My recruiter] made the process a pleasant experience; he was always transparent on status and next steps and he shared all the relevant information at the right time. He is a great guy to work with, as a professional and as a person.”

Programme Director, E2Open

One of our key differentiators is a broad consensus of effort: we are collaborative, not fee-chasing. We are multi-disciplinary, with scale and penetration, but still maintain a boutique-level service and quality. This enables us to attract, recruit and retain the best talent, consistently.

We believe in true meritocracy and so a diverse workforce is vital to us. People’s efforts and abilities should never be bound by discrimination.

At all levels within the business, people solve problems in different ways and therefore operating in an inclusive manner is what we consider to be good business.

Every customer base is diverse and therefore a company can better understand its demography if its workforce mirrors society.

We have built an established in-house marketing team and we actively encourage our partners to utilise this resource. Our team consists of an excellent copywriter and an accomplished videographer; from blogs, to brochures, to up-to-date video content, our team have the experience and the resources to create valuable, unique and engaging content for our clients.

Whether you want to showcase great offices or a wonderful team, or communicate insightful information, our marketing team can provide a personalised service to help you develop brand images across all communication channels.